[webkit-reviews] review granted: [Bug 32663] Don't include all JSC headers everywhere : [Attachment 45070] patch

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Thu Dec 17 08:17:41 PST 2009

Adam Roben (aroben) <aroben at apple.com> has granted Benjamin Otte
<otte at gnome.org>'s request for review:
Bug 32663: Don't include all JSC headers everywhere

Attachment 45070: patch

------- Additional Comments from Adam Roben (aroben) <aroben at apple.com>
> -#if USE(JSC)
> -#include <runtime/Identifier.h>
> -#else
> -// runtime/Identifier.h brings in a variety of wtf headers.	We explicitly
> -// include them in the case of non-JSC builds to keep things consistent.
>  #include <wtf/HashMap.h>
>  #include <wtf/HashSet.h>
>  #include <wtf/OwnPtr.h>
> -#endif

I think it's worth adding a FIXME here saying that we shouldn't #include these
headers, either, unless absolutely necessary.

r=me, but commit-queue- so you can consider adding the FIXME.

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