[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 25489] background-position not shown : [Attachment 38503] A Fix

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Mon Aug 24 16:09:18 PDT 2009

yaar at google.com has asked  for review:
Bug 25489: background-position not shown

Attachment 38503: A Fix

------- Additional Comments from yaar at google.com
The patch depends on the patch for

CSS property "background-position" was not serialized into the shorthand string
value of "style.background". This is because position is stored into two
(non-standard?) properties background-position-x and background-position-y.
Since "style.backgroundPosition" does serialize as "position-x, position-y",
(e.g. 50% 50%) it made sense that the shorthand value of style.background will
do the same.

I fixed the layout test fast/dom/background-shorthand-csstext.html and
fast/dom/background-shorthand-expected.txt as the later was accepting a FAIL.

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