[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 28303] [Qt] XSLT support with QtXmlPatterns : [Attachment 35061] [Qt] Implement XSLT support with QtXmlPatterns.

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Tue Aug 18 12:21:28 PDT 2009

Jakub Wieczorek <faw217 at gmail.com> has asked Eric Seidel <eric at webkit.org> for
Bug 28303: [Qt] XSLT support with QtXmlPatterns

Attachment 35061: [Qt] Implement XSLT support with QtXmlPatterns.

------- Additional Comments from Jakub Wieczorek <faw217 at gmail.com>
I got rid of most of the #ifdefs:
- Qt doesn't use the XMLTokenizerScope class so I excluded it from the Qt
- I made a TransformSource typedef in Document, which for Qt is String and for
others xmlDocPtr. This simplified the code a bit but we still need to free
m_transformSource for libxslt.

Not sure what else I could do. I was thinking of moving the definition of
XSLTProcessor::MessageHandler to the XSLTProcessorQt.cpp file but was not sure
if that is okay with the coding guidelines.

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