[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 27734] WINCE PORT: font related changes : [Attachment 34716] build fixes and minor bug fixes, with more comments

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Wed Aug 12 22:49:08 PDT 2009

Joe Mason <joe.mason at torchmobile.com> has asked  for review:
Bug 27734: WINCE PORT: font related changes

Attachment 34716: build fixes and minor bug fixes, with more comments

------- Additional Comments from Joe Mason <joe.mason at torchmobile.com>
> Are you sure that min<int> will compile on other platforms?  I feel like
> dealt with the min/max issue on windows before in other ways.  Please grep
> source to see how it's dealt with elsewhere.

The more common methods of dealing with the windows min/max macros won't work
here because the two parameters to min have different types (int and UChar32),
so Windows gives an error about ambiguous template parameters.	min<int> will
definitely compile on other platforms (it's just giving the template parameter
explicitly instead of letting the compiler work it out), but I changed the fix
anyway because I felt it was clearer - now it explicitly casts the UChar32 to
an int.

> This needs a why comment:
> 227230     mutable SCRIPT_CACHE m_scriptCache;
> 228231     mutable SCRIPT_FONTPROPERTIES* m_scriptFontProperties;
> 229232 #endif
> your note about it saving space in the ChangeLog is a fine comment, just put
> in teh soruce code too.


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