[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 23727] Implementaion of WCSS marquee extension relevant to XHML MP : [Attachment 34648] resubmit the patch to address comments

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Wed Aug 12 02:36:12 PDT 2009

Charles Wei <charles.wei at torchmobile.com.cn> has asked Nikolas Zimmermann
<zimmermann at kde.org> for review:
Bug 23727: Implementaion of WCSS marquee extension relevant to XHML MP

Attachment 34648: resubmit the patch to address comments

------- Additional Comments from Charles Wei <charles.wei at torchmobile.com.cn>
This patch differes from the patch submitted on Aug 8 , 2009 is that :

For the changes for RenderMarquee,  it only applys when the WCSS and XHTMLMP
are enabled, and the document is of XHTMLMP type,  no impacts to the HTML

For the other comment from Niko to have a .css file to replace the hard-coded
codes that initializes the marquee status with :

*[display="-wap-marquee"] {overflow=...}

Actually this doesn't work. The above universal selector works for something
like display as an attribute like:

<a display="-wap-marquee">

There's no such an attribute for HTML/xHTML tags,  actually the WCSS marquee is
an extension to WCSS display and it works like this : 

<a href="..."

So the universal selector  *[display="-wap-marquee"] {...} doesn't work.

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