[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 27305] [WINCE] add WinCE-specific unicode implementation : [Attachment 34223] patch without ICU data files

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Thu Aug 6 13:28:41 PDT 2009

Joe Mason <joe.mason at torchmobile.com> has asked  for review:
Bug 27305: [WINCE] add WinCE-specific unicode implementation

Attachment 34223: patch without ICU data files

------- Additional Comments from Joe Mason <joe.mason at torchmobile.com>
Here it is again, with the ICU datafiles and the support code that uses them
moved to a support library.  (They are now part of libce at
git://code.staikos.net/srv/git/WebKit-CE/libce, which this patch depends on.)

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