[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 25116] Move VDMX parsing into the Chromium Linux port. : [Attachment 29376] patch

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Thu Apr 9 15:31:48 PDT 2009

Adam Langley <agl at chromium.org> has asked Darin Fisher (:fishd, Google)
<fishd at chromium.org> for review:
Bug 25116: Move VDMX parsing into the Chromium Linux port.

Attachment 29376: patch

------- Additional Comments from Adam Langley <agl at chromium.org>
Changed method names to camelCase (my bad). Changed the argument names in the
prototype to camalCase too (missed them before). Renamed ChromiumVDMXParse to
trueTypeVDMXParse. (Just aiming for the donkey's behind here, I'll take any
suggestions as to the correct name for this function.)


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