[webkit-reviews] review denied: [Bug 25023] [Qt]Eliminating a leak in QNetworkReplyHandler : [Attachment 29223] proposed patch

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Fri Apr 3 07:28:42 PDT 2009

Simon Hausmann <hausmann at webkit.org> has denied Tamas Szirbucz
<Szirbucz.Tamas at stud.u-szeged.hu>'s request for review:
Bug 25023: [Qt]Eliminating a leak in QNetworkReplyHandler

Attachment 29223: proposed patch

------- Additional Comments from Simon Hausmann <hausmann at webkit.org>
I agree that there's probably a leak, but the purpose of release() is to
transfer the ownership to the caller. If we don't reset m_reply to 0 a
subsequent call to release() will return a pointer to the object whos ownership
we transferred to the previous caller. In other words: I think the caller in
abort() for example should call deleteLater on the reply(). Does that work for

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