[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 20277] implement window.scrollByPages and window.scrollByLines : [Attachment 23490] updated patch

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Tue Sep 16 16:14:04 PDT 2008

arno. <arenevier at fdn.fr> has asked Darin Adler <darin at apple.com> for review:
Bug 20277: implement window.scrollByPages and window.scrollByLines

Attachment 23490: updated patch

------- Additional Comments from arno. <arenevier at fdn.fr>
Why are we doing updateLayout in scrollByLines? Is it that we are trying to
force the renderer be created?

Layout is not updated if I don't call updateLayout (ie: scrollbar does not
move, and window view does not change).

Here is a patch addressing your comments.

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