[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 20655] Layout tests need a way to disable smart insert or delete : [Attachment 23232] Possible fix to bug 20655

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Sun Sep 7 17:37:59 PDT 2008

Glenn Wilson <wilsong at gmail.com> has asked  for review:
Bug 20655: Layout tests need a way to disable smart insert or delete

Attachment 23232: Possible fix to bug 20655

------- Additional Comments from Glenn Wilson <wilsong at gmail.com>
Here is a possible fix to this issue.

This patch adds a new method to LayoutTestController,
"setSmartInsertDeleteEnabled(bool)", which allows the test to set or unset this
behavior in the webView.  Also added a test that illustrates that when smart
editing is disabled, smart deleting behavior changes -- in fact, the test is
just one of the smart delete tests modified to have this setting disabled.

As far as I can tell, disabling smart editing in one test does not affect
others.  Tests before and after this test that require smart editing still pass
on my system.

However, I am only able to test this on a Windows system, so many of the
Mac-only layout tests don't run for me regardless.  Is there a way for me to
try this patch on a publicly available Mac builder, or is there a way that a
reviewer help me with this?

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