[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 20664] [GTK] File names are not always encodable in UTF-8 : [Attachment 23191] Add String::toFilename and String::fromFilename

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Fri Sep 5 07:25:53 PDT 2008

Marco Barisione <marco.barisione at collabora.co.uk> has asked  for review:
Bug 20664: [GTK] File names are not always encodable in UTF-8

Attachment 23191: Add String::toFilename and String::fromFilename

------- Additional Comments from Marco Barisione
<marco.barisione at collabora.co.uk>
1. Add String::fromFilename static method (only for the GTK port) that creates
an escape string from a file name.
2. Add String::toFilename to unescape a string create with
3. Add some debugging code to try to catch uses of String::toFilename on
Strings not created through String::fromFilename.
4. Fix the functions in FileSystemGtk.cpp.

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