[webkit-reviews] review denied: [Bug 19225] JSProfiler: Create automated profiler tests : [Attachment 24566] Proposed patch

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Wed Oct 22 13:30:41 PDT 2008

Timothy Hatcher <timothy at hatcher.name> has denied Kevin McCullough
<kmccullough at apple.com>'s request for review:
Bug 19225: JSProfiler: Create automated profiler tests

Attachment 24566: Proposed patch

------- Additional Comments from Timothy Hatcher <timothy at hatcher.name>
+    if(iter == end)
+	 return jsNull();

I think it would be better to return an empty array instead of null.

+const ProfilesArray& Console::profiles() const
+    Page* page = this->page();
+    ASSERT_ARG(page, page);
+    return page->inspectorController()->profiles();

We need to have the Console object hold the profiles, since there is a Console
object per Frame. Asking the InspectorController for the Profiles would return
all profiles for all frames, and that is a security issue.

The InspectorController could still have it's own list since it does want all
Profiles for all Frames.

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