[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 21807] Add the ability for embedders to use Google-URL without changing shared headers : [Attachment 24564] Patch

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Wed Oct 22 12:54:06 PDT 2008

Brett Wilson (Google) <brettw at chromium.org> has asked  for review:
Bug 21807: Add the ability for embedders to use Google-URL without changing
shared headers

Attachment 24564: Patch

------- Additional Comments from Brett Wilson (Google) <brettw at chromium.org>
Changes to KURL.h to allow it to bring in Google-URL. No actual code using
Google-URL is present in this patch, it merely changes the shared files.

The goal of this patch is not to be a long-term solution, but something that
lets Chromium unfork in the short term, and allows the WebKit community to
evaluate the library. This will allow the community to make a better
determination of the future direction.

Technically, I tried to impack KURL.h as little as possible. I conditionally
include a header, and use the object defined in that header to replace most of
the private stuff in KURL. This allows us not to pollute the file with a lot of
experimental code.

I moved a handful of functions to the .ccp file since their implementation
would be different and this avoids having to add more ifdefs to the header
file. I kept a few functions in the header that should make a difference being
inlined like the string getter, and used ifdefs for them. I'm happy to use more
or less inlining if you prefer (with corresponding change in ugliness in the

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