[webkit-reviews] review denied: [Bug 19043] New window event for wxWebKit : [Attachment 21121] patch for new window event

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Wed May 28 13:43:09 PDT 2008

Kevin Ollivier <kevino at theolliviers.com> has denied Robin Dunn
<robin at alldunn.com>'s request for review:
Bug 19043: New window event for wxWebKit

Attachment 21121: patch for new window event

------- Additional Comments from Kevin Ollivier <kevino at theolliviers.com>
This looks good except for one important detail. When we implement DecidePolicy
events, we need to handle the case in which they are ignored. In this case, if
possible, I think we should restructure the code so that if the
wxWebViewNewWindowEvent is not handled, we will return PolicyIgnore rather than
PolicyUse. We should also offer a "Cancel" event like with BeforeLoad to allow
the app to block certain URLs and let WebCore know that they were blocked. 

Thanks for all your help! :)

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