[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 19663] Image animation timers do not account for paint lag : [Attachment 21826] patch v1

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Wed Jun 18 17:25:40 PDT 2008

Peter Kasting <zerodpx at gmail.com> has asked  for review:
Bug 19663: Image animation timers do not account for paint lag

Attachment 21826: patch v1

------- Additional Comments from Peter Kasting <zerodpx at gmail.com>
Patch to fix.  This does not account for timer inaccuracy, just paint latency. 
We could probably account for timer inaccuracy too by changing the local
variable to hold the system time at which we expected to get our next
startAnimation() callback, and then using the difference in expected and actual
times as the offset to the delay.  It's not clear to me whether that's a big
deal.  I'm happy to do it if it would be better.

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