[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 19457] Create fused opcodes for tests and conditional jumps : [Attachment 21613] Revised proposed patch

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Tue Jun 10 17:28:23 PDT 2008

Cameron Zwarich (cpst) <cwzwarich at uwaterloo.ca> has asked  for review:
Bug 19457: Create fused opcodes for tests and conditional jumps

Attachment 21613: Revised proposed patch

------- Additional Comments from Cameron Zwarich (cpst)
<cwzwarich at uwaterloo.ca>
Maciej says that this method of doing peephole optimizations won't conflict
with his plans for fusing loads into other operations, so here's a cleaned up
version of the patch for review. I initialize m_lastOpcodeID to op_end, since
no optimization will ever optimize a sequence starting with op_end.

We still might want to consider a different method of code generation that
incorporates all of these optimizations, but we might as well test them out
incrementally before we go rewriting everything.

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