[webkit-reviews] how to append a signal of creat a new webview

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Tue Jun 10 06:01:40 PDT 2008

HI all:

   I come to some problems when i use the webkit. when the browser need to
create a new window to open the new

link,the webkit can't provide a right singal.As you know many browsers for
mobile devices use WebKit at the core of

the application, such as OpenMoko-Browser.
   First i compile the main.c in the path
/WebKit/WebKitTools/GtkLauncher.and run it on my X86 computer.In the entry

of the browser,I input www.google.com . the browser open the website
correctly.then i input the key word "baidu" in

the search filed. the google will list many websites related "baidu". but
when i click one of them, the browser do

nothing and can't open the site. how can i display the website responding to
the click?
   The same things happened on the openmoko-browser2. but when i use the
gpe-mini-browser,it can work very well.
   As you konw the gpe-mini-browser use osb-nrcit and osb-nrcore at the core
of the application.then i compare them

and find  that there is a defined signal "req_new_window" in osb-nrcit. the
signal "req_new_window" can notify the

application that whether the browser create a new page to open the url.
Below is the key code :

    g_signal_connect (G_OBJECT(html), "req_new_window",
      G_CALLBACK(new_window), html);

GtkWidget * new_window(Webi * view, char const * url, gpointer data)
if (fork())
  return NULL;
  printf("url = %s\n", url);
  execlp("gpe-mini-browser", "gpe-mini-browser", url);
  return NULL;

in the webkit i find the signal  "hovering-over-link",and i modify the
/WebKit/WebKitTools/GtkLauncher/main.c as


static GtkWidget* link_hover_cb (WebKitWebView* page, const gchar* title,
const gchar* link, gpointer data)
    /* underflow is allowed */
    gtk_statusbar_pop (main_statusbar, status_context_id);
    if (link)
            gtk_statusbar_push (main_statusbar, status_context_id, link);
        if (fork())
              return NULL;
                   printf("url = %s\n", link);
"/home/root/openmoko-browser2", link);
         return NULL;

then i compile it and run, we can solove the above problem, But when the
brower visit some websites, the browser

create two same pages when i click the link.

  Next, how can i display the website responding to the click in the webkit
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