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Kevin Ollivier <kevino at theolliviers.com> has asked  for review:
Bug 19069: Renderers for wx

Attachment 22554: Patch with Eric's comments addressed

------- Additional Comments from Kevin Ollivier <kevino at theolliviers.com>
Patch with Eric's comments addressed. Regarding the wxDC issue, the issue is
that the actual class used for the DC is different depending on whether you
enable wxGraphicsContext support (i.e. vector-based drawing) or not. The goal
is to make vector-based drawing "just work" on all platforms we support, but
currently there are issues with that. For example, on Windows, the lack of GDI+
hardware acceleration really hurts performance there. (We're discussing using
the Cairo implementation of wxGraphicsContext there, but it requires some work
to get going.) Also, some embedded platforms may not support wxGraphicsContext,
so we're leaving both implementations in the tree for the foreseeable future,
as wxWebKit does work reasonably well with even the old drawing context. 

Since both implementations use classes derived from wxDC, but have different
APIs, we decided to just cast to the base class when the base class APIs can be
used for both implementations.

As for the hardcoded numbers, wx doesn't yet have a way to get those numbers
internally. What we'll try to do is to "get it right" here in wxWebKit first
over time, then move the implementations back into wx once we've got the bugs
worked out. 

Anyway, hopefully this explains things. :-) Lastly, rather than add to
manual_tests, I'll probably put time into getting DumpRenderTree going when I
can. In the meantime, I've removed the link.

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