[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 16817] [Gtk] Menu items need underscores : [Attachment 18388] Add underscores to appropriate menu labels.

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Fri Jan 11 04:21:09 PST 2008

Christian Dywan <christian at imendio.com> has asked  for review:
Bug 16817: [Gtk] Menu items need underscores

Attachment 18388: Add underscores to appropriate menu labels.

------- Additional Comments from Christian Dywan <christian at imendio.com>
This patch adds underscores to all appropriate menu labels.

-    return String::fromUTF8(_("No file selected"));
+    return String::fromUTF8(_("(None)"));

I changed this to match GtkFileChooserButton.

-    return String::fromUTF8(_("Search with MSN"));
+    return String::fromUTF8(_("_Search the Web"));

I changed this because I don't think a random search engine provider is very
useful in a generic item.

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