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Fri Jan 4 14:01:17 PST 2008

Pierre-Luc Beaudoin <pierre-luc.beaudoin at collabora.co.uk> has asked  for
Bug 16562: [gtk] Implement WebPolicyDelegate methods

Attachment 18276: Applied some comments

------- Additional Comments from Pierre-Luc Beaudoin
<pierre-luc.beaudoin at collabora.co.uk>
bdash suggested, with reason, that the mime-type-requested signal name was not
clear, we settled on mime-type-policy-decision-requested.  Since
new-window-requested and navigation-requested are clear this way, I won't
change them although we loose on consistency.

I removed the _real_mime_type function to place the default behavior in
FrameLoaderClientGtk::dispatchDecidePolicyForMIMEType instead.	This is the
only place the signal is emitted, it makes sens to me.	

I added WEBKIT_POLICY_RESPONSE_NULL to allow an handler to return an error or
force the default behavior.  Also, when there is no handler to
mime-type-policy-decision-requested, the return value defaults to
WEBKIT_POLICY_RESPONSE_NULL which will trigger the default behavior.

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