[webkit-reviews] review granted: [Bug 22886] JIT doesn't compile on x86-64. Make it do so. : [Attachment 26074] The patch

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Tue Dec 16 15:41:58 PST 2008

Cameron Zwarich (cpst) <cwzwarich at uwaterloo.ca> has granted Gavin Barraclough
<barraclough at apple.com>'s request for review:
Bug 22886: JIT doesn't compile on x86-64.  Make it do so.

Attachment 26074: The patch

------- Additional Comments from Cameron Zwarich (cpst)
<cwzwarich at uwaterloo.ca>
> repathcing property access code

There is a typo in "repathcing".

I think you should include a description of what you did in Interpreter.cpp,
since diff seems to have hated you so much.

> // DEBUG ME!: Why does the result of this need be a 64-bit value?

We use FIXME to identify issues that need to be reexamined in the future. Using
the same thing everywhere makes it easier to search for.

Other than that, r=me.

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