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Tue Dec 16 07:50:10 PST 2008

relu <aurelianmaga at yahoo.com> has asked  for review:
Bug 22022: [GTK] add a GeoLocation implementation

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------- Additional Comments from relu <aurelianmaga at yahoo.com>
I’m sending this new patch which hopefully addresses Holger’s and Greg

>This is plain wrong. The enum is matching the PositionError of the w3c
>geolocation API. You may not just add values to it...


>wrong, for the same reason. If you think this should be there then please
>participate in the W3C geolocation discussion?!

agreed. Is there any reason to have PositionError::LOCATION_PROVIDER_ERROR and
PositionError::POSITION_NOT_FOUND_ERROR in the first place?

>hmm, could you explain that part? It feels odd to treat a non existing option
>like a request for a high accuracy...

agreed. I was trying to get around bug 22847

>oh well, could you point me to the gurantee that we will get a signal? I could

>not find anything in the GeoClue API doing that. And in general we do not
>comment out code...we remove it

in geoclue/example/master-pos-example.c position_changed_cb is triggered

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