[webkit-reviews] review granted: [Bug 22352] Annotating opcodes with length : [Attachment 25855] requested patch

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Mon Dec 8 16:43:42 PST 2008

Cameron Zwarich (cpst) <cwzwarich at uwaterloo.ca> has granted Judit Jász
<jasy at inf.u-szeged.hu>'s request for review:
Bug 22352: Annotating opcodes with length

Attachment 25855: requested patch

------- Additional Comments from Cameron Zwarich (cpst)
<cwzwarich at uwaterloo.ca>

You introduced some trailing whitespace at the top of Opcode.cpp.

+    #define OPCODE_ID_SIZES(id, size) const int opcode_size_##id = size;

I prefer the style ##id_length to opcode_length_##id.

Other than that, r=me. I will apply these changes and land it tonight. Thanks
for doing this cleanup. There are still other uses of hardcoded opcode lengths
in the code that you didn't catch, but I will make a separate bug for those.

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