[webkit-reviews] review cancelled: [Bug 22577] Add a test to verify accessing INPUT elements with duplicate names : [Attachment 25642] New test + result

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Wed Dec 3 13:38:28 PST 2008

Pam Greene <pam at chromium.org> has cancelled Pam Greene <pam at chromium.org>'s
request for review:
Bug 22577: Add a test to verify accessing INPUT elements with duplicate names

Attachment 25642: New test + result

------- Additional Comments from Pam Greene <pam at chromium.org>
You can get to the list of elements with the same name either through
document.(form).(name) or document.getElementsByName(name).  Oddly, not only is
there no consistency in what object different browsers map the two access
methods to, but most don't even map the two to the same thing.

[browser: document.form.name and document.getElementsByName()]

Safari 3.2.1 and trunk: Collection and NodeList
Firefox 3.0.4: NodeList and HTMLCollection
Chrome NodeList and NodeList
IE 6: object and object

Hard even to call that a bug, since nobody can be relying on it for anything

So the test still checks only that whatever object they each map to has a
length property. I've also clarified the description and added
getElementsByName checks.

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