[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 21911] <video> pixel tests are failing : [Attachment 25647] Patch v3

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Mon Dec 1 17:23:49 PST 2008

Pierre-Olivier Latour <pol at apple.com> has asked  for review:
Bug 21911: <video> pixel tests are failing

Attachment 25647: Patch v3

------- Additional Comments from Pierre-Olivier Latour <pol at apple.com>
Here are new bases generated on the bot itself.

I'm not sure why the bases I generated on my machine are not matching what
renders on the bot: the version of WK is really close, it's the same QT 7.5.5
and same HW. The bot is 10.5.5 and my machine 10.5.4 however.

One thing to notice is that it looks as if QT was rendering the frames in the
wrong colorspace. Considering DRT changes temporarily the display colorspace,
and the script launches and stop DRT a few times, maybe we have some kind of
race condition and QT is not picking the right colorspace. It's either that, or
a difference in display colorspace & QT behavior in 10.5.5 versus 10.5.4.

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