[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 20277] implement window.scrollByPages and window.scrollByLines : [Attachment 23055] patch v2

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Thu Aug 28 09:00:18 PDT 2008

arno. <arenevier at fdn.fr> has asked  for review:
Bug 20277: implement window.scrollByPages and window.scrollByLines

Attachment 23055: patch v2

------- Additional Comments from arno. <arenevier at fdn.fr>
Thanks for you useful comments. Now, main code is in FrameView, and DOMWindow
just forwards it.

> Why is Qt different here?

because in WebCore/platform/graphics/Font.h, primaryFont method does not seem
to be defined for Qt, so I fear it won't compile on qt.
May be I misunderstood something, and primaryFont is defined otherwise, but I
did not found where.

> Should we really base the definition of a line on the default font size? Is
> there a better technique? Is this what other browsers do? How does this
> definition of a page relate to what other browsers do?

Mozilla seems to be the only implementor of scrollByLines/scrollByPages; opera
and ie do not define those methods. I tried to follow mozilla's implementation:
line height is given by platform, defaults is 12pt.

> Can we make this share code with the code that scrolls a line or a page when
> you hit the arrow keys and page up and page down keys?

I checked gtk backend, and it calls scrollBy with a fixed (40) number of pixels
when hitting arrow key; it forwards keypress event to underlying gtk widget
when hitting page down key. Windows code looks quite similar (number of pixels
is 15). So, I don't see how to share code.

Problem with current patch is that scrollByLines is not coherent with hitting
arrow key (ie: it does not scroll same number of pixels); also, scrollByPages
is not coherent with hitting page down. If that's important, may be, DOMWindow
could forward directly to platform ScrollView, and each platform would handle
it their own way.

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