[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 15299] GTK: ChromeClientGtk.cpp does not implement mouseDidMoveOverElement() : [Attachment 16418] Possible implementation for ChromeClient::mouseDidMoveOverElement()

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Thu Sep 27 12:13:32 PDT 2007

Lars Lindner <lars.lindner at gmail.com> has asked  for review:
Bug 15299: GTK: ChromeClientGtk.cpp does not implement

Attachment 16418: Possible implementation for

------- Additional Comments from Lars Lindner <lars.lindner at gmail.com>
This patch is not complete as it does not cover "unhovering". I'd like to
enhance it further to cover this issue too, but from the given GTK API code
it's not clear to me which is the intended behaviour.

Because there is no "unhovering" signal I'd suggest a second sending of the
"hovering_over_link" signal with an empty or NULL URL passed to tell the
embedder that the mouse has left the link again...

Another issue with the current GTK API is that it does not indicate which
parameter of "hovering_over_link" is which. The supplied patch assumes that the
link title is the first and the link URL is the second.

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