[webkit-reviews] review granted: [Bug 15653] [GTK] Text editor does not handle common keystrokes : [Attachment 16824] Implementation B

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Thu Nov 8 14:31:59 PST 2007

Mark Rowe (bdash) <mrowe at apple.com> has granted 's request for review:
Bug 15653: [GTK] Text editor does not handle common keystrokes

Attachment 16824: Implementation B

------- Additional Comments from Mark Rowe (bdash) <mrowe at apple.com>
While this approach is suboptimal in the long run, the Gtk port is in need of
some form of sane input handling so that work on related features can progress.
 The ideal approach probably involves using GtkBindingSet which, as I
understand it, will respect user-customised key bindings and all that fancy

r=me if a new bug is filed about switching to GtkBindingSet at some point in
the future, and the comment in the patch is updated to a FIXME referencing the

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