[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 12938] Google calendar settings page crashes : [Attachment 13783] Revised patch again

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Fri Mar 23 14:50:39 PDT 2007

Marvin Decker <marv.decker at gmail.com> has asked  for review:
Bug 12938: Google calendar settings page crashes

Attachment 13783: Revised patch again

------- Additional Comments from Marvin Decker <marv.decker at gmail.com>
This is a revised patch that also fixes the potential crash on removing forms
in the document. This is indeed a problem: the pointer to the form is left in
the old document's hash table when it is moved.

As discussed above, I was having problems generating a test for the move
between documents bug. After spending several hours on this, I've never
actually seen this one cause a crash, although it's definitely possible (and
also a memory leak).

I can convert the testcase I attached at the top (first attachment) into a
regression test if you would like, but it would not be totally reliable since
it depends on the memory manager's feeling of where to place things. My
PowerBook seems to never trip on this page, although a colleague's Intel-based
iMac does after a bit. Requesting review to get official opinion on this.

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