[webkit-reviews] review cancelled: [Bug 12249] FCKeditor: <hr>, <ul> and <ol> have id="undefined" : [Attachment 13666] updated patch

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Tue Mar 20 11:17:15 PDT 2007

Sam Weinig <sam at webkit.org> has cancelled Sam Weinig <sam at webkit.org>'s request
for review:
Bug 12249: FCKeditor: <hr>, <ul> and <ol> have id="undefined"

Attachment 13666: updated patch

------- Additional Comments from Sam Weinig <sam at webkit.org>
I've further updated the patch to support optional arguments for Objective-C
(in the hack-a-licious way that we do it for the time being) and changed the
test case so that it doesn't rely on a WebKit quirk of selecting the contents
of an editable context on initial focus().

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