[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 13029] Permit NPAPI plug-ins to see HTTP response headers : [Attachment 13640] Proposed solution, take 2

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Wed Mar 14 20:34:44 PDT 2007

Deneb Meketa <dmeketa at adobe.com> has asked  for review:
Bug 13029: Permit NPAPI plug-ins to see HTTP response headers

Attachment 13640: Proposed solution, take 2

------- Additional Comments from Deneb Meketa <dmeketa at adobe.com>
Okay!  New patch, with Darin's suggested changes, plus a test case (plugin C
code and JavaScript to confirm results).

I have stuck with NPAPI version 17, after a discussion on plugin-futures.  It
seems no browsers have ever shipped declaring version 17, or including
NPRuntime enumeration, so people seem to be okay with the idea of assigning
version 17 to response headers, and changing enumeration to be version 18.  I
also have a patch ready that deals with things the other way around, where
enumeration is 17 and headers are 18, but things are simpler if we don't have
to use that.  I'll assume that landing this patch will have to wait until a
final decision is made on versions, but since the differences are tiny, I think
this patch is ready for review and stands a chance of being the final version.

Many thanks to Darin and everyone else who's helped out.

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