[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 12885] REGRESSION (r19696): Incomplete background repaint : [Attachment 13466] Repaint the overflow delta and the border box delta

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Sat Mar 3 13:20:10 PST 2007

mitz at webkit.org has asked  for review:
Bug 12885: REGRESSION (r19696): Incomplete background repaint

Attachment 13466: Repaint the overflow delta and the border box delta

------- Additional Comments from mitz at webkit.org
(In reply to comment #4)
> 1) Figure out where to add the outline width. If it's left being done in
> absoluteBorderBox() is should probably be renamed.

Renamed to absoluteOutlineBox(). Also renamed getAbsoluteRepaintRect() to

> 2) Consider having one function return both the absolute border box and the
> absolute repaint rect to avoid doing the recursion twice.

Didn't do it.

> 3) Fix the SVG renderers that currently pass IntRect() in.


> 4) Optimize repaintAfterLayoutIfNeeded(): it should not ask for the same area

> to be repainted twice (once as overflow and once as border box) and it should

> not ask to repaint border box area that was clipped out (all border box
> repaints should be clipped to the respective repaint bounds).


> 5) Check what happens with inset outlines (not really part of this bug, but I

> suspect they're not repainted correctly).

Need to file a separate bug on that. The present patch does not address it.

I also added a FIXME in RenderLayer::checkForRepaintOnResize(). I think it can
be eliminated, but I do not want to risk it now.

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