[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 14068] [S60] : stream requests are cancelled after "javascript:" execution : [Attachment 14933] return after executing javascript.

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Mon Jun 11 06:44:42 PDT 2007

maheshK <mahesh.kulkarni at nokia.com> has asked Sachin Padma
<Sachin.Padma at nokia.com> for review:
Bug 14068: [S60] : stream requests are cancelled after "javascript:" execution

Attachment 14933: return after executing javascript.

------- Additional Comments from maheshK <mahesh.kulkarni at nokia.com>
After Javascript execution is happened, browser continues making a get requests
to resourceLoader. Invalid requests makes browser to cancel pending requests of

Return from function CPluginLoader::LoadPluginContentL after execution of
javascript. Even if javascript has a URL to load script engine will take care
of loading the given URL. Making get request to network doesn't required when
"javascript:" is present in URL.

WebKit\Plugin plugin loader


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