[webkit-reviews] review denied: [Bug 14745] WebKitTools/Scripts/run-launcher doesn't speak --gdk : [Attachment 15660] Patch

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Tue Jul 24 07:45:24 PDT 2007

David Kilzer (ddkilzer) <ddkilzer at webkit.org> has denied 's request for review:
Bug 14745: WebKitTools/Scripts/run-launcher doesn't speak --gdk

Attachment 15660: Patch

------- Additional Comments from David Kilzer (ddkilzer) <ddkilzer at webkit.org>
Thanks for the patch, Nigel!  In the future, please set the "review?" flag on
patches to make sure they're reviewed in a timely manner.

>-  $launcherPath = "$launcherPath/WebKitTools/GdkLauncher";
>+  $launcherPath = "$launcherPath/WebKitTools/GdkLauncher/GdkLauncher";

This looks correct.

>+	  else if (currArg[0] == '-')  // currArg looks like an (unknown)
-flag, not a URL
>+	      ;  // No-op.  We'll just silently ignore unknown flags

This looks like a different bug?  Why is this change needed?

However, this patch is missing a ChangeLog entry.  See this page for details on
how to create one using the prepare-ChangeLog script:


Setting review- flag for no ChangeLog and unknown change to main.cpp.  Please
make these fixes and repost the patch.	Thanks!

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