[webkit-reviews] review granted: [Bug 11057] Auto-generate more SVG Objective-C bindings : [Attachment 10825] patch

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Thu Sep 28 10:34:29 PDT 2006

Timothy Hatcher <timothy at hatcher.name> has granted Timothy Hatcher
<timothy at hatcher.name>'s request for review:
Bug 11057: Auto-generate more SVG Objective-C bindings

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------- Additional Comments from Timothy Hatcher <timothy at hatcher.name>
Why this change?

-	perl -I $(WebCore)/bindings/scripts
$(WebCore)/bindings/scripts/generate-bindings.pl --defines "$(FEATURE_DEFINES)
LANGUAGE_OBJECTIVE_C" --generator ObjC --include $(WebCore)/dom --include
$(WebCore)/html --include $(WebCore)/xpath --include $(WebCore)/ksvg2/svg
--outputdir . $<
+	perl -I $(WebCore)/bindings/scripts
$(WebCore)/bindings/scripts/generate-bindings.pl --defines "$(FEATURE_DEFINES)
LANGUAGE_OBJECTIVE_C" --generator ObjC --include dom --include html --include
xml --include /ksvg2/svg --outputdir . $<

There are other places hat do this, like the JS generator. I think passing the
full path is better.

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