[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 10174] [S60] Black box shown instead of button in browser : [Attachment 10648] More fix for the bug

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Tue Sep 19 09:17:52 PDT 2006

Zhaosong Lu <Zhaosong.Lu at nokia.com> has asked Zalan Bujtas <zbujtas at gmail.com>
for review:
Bug 10174: [S60] Black box shown instead of button in browser

Attachment 10648: More fix for the bug

------- Additional Comments from Zhaosong Lu <Zhaosong.Lu at nokia.com>
My last fix did not completely fix the problem. I have added more change in
this patch.

Here is the problem. The web page has a submit button and the background of the
button is specified as 'none' by css. A QColor object for the 'none' is black
in color but the valid flag is set to false. During the 'convertion' of
KWQPalette to WebCorePalette, the valid flag info is lost because the
background color member in the WebCorePalette has only RGB value. At the time
of drawing the background of the button in the CFormButtonSkin, the black
background is drawn. That is why the button is black all the time. My changes
has added 'valid' flag information to the WebCorePalette so that the background
will be drawn according to the flag. If the flag indicates the background is
not valid (background is none), it will not be drawn.

Note to Zalan: There are tabs in the original file of WebCorePalette.h. I have
to remove those tabs in order to make the patch. So the file seems having
changed a lot. Actually it is not.

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