[webkit-reviews] review denied: [Bug 10740] Need to remove KCanvas enums from SVG code : [Attachment 10581] First attempt

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Fri Sep 15 15:00:09 PDT 2006

Eric Seidel <macdome at opendarwin.org> has denied Eric Seidel
<macdome at opendarwin.org>'s request for review:
Bug 10740: Need to remove KCanvas enums from SVG code

Attachment 10581: First attempt

------- Additional Comments from Eric Seidel <macdome at opendarwin.org>
This wasn't really what I meant with this bug.	More I meant that the KCanvas
classes should all use the DOM enums instead of having their own duplicate
copies with the KC prefix.  Especially since KCanvas is slated for the chopping

SVGSVGElement *svg = static_cast<SVGSVGElement*>(node());

is not at all safe.  RenderSVGContainers can also represent SVGGElements as
well as SVGSVGElements.

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