[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 10750] SVG needs SVGAnimatedTypeNamePropertyName<ClassName> classes : [Attachment 10494] Updated complete patch

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Sun Sep 10 16:15:35 PDT 2006

Nikolas Zimmermann <zimmermann at kde.org> has asked  for review:
Bug 10750: SVG needs SVGAnimatedTypeNamePropertyName<ClassName> classes

Attachment 10494: Updated complete patch

------- Additional Comments from Nikolas Zimmermann <zimmermann at kde.org>
Incorporated changes when discussing this with Eric.
JS generation is much nicer handled now, SVGLists work again etc. etc.
(See ChangeLog :-)

This includes OSX & Qt platform build changes, works on both platforms.
No new regressions introduced, none fixed (will fix some tests, if the
element's idl files are actually generated - this is another patch)

As Darin suggested I've put all in a single patch. Now it's quite large
I hope someone can find some time to review until Tuesday, which is
my last hacking day for the next week(s) :/

Thanks in advance to the brave souls crawling through the patch...

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