[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 10355] [S60] relaunching homepage establishes a network connection : [Attachment 10459] new patch having removed tabs

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Fri Sep 8 07:47:28 PDT 2006

Zhaosong Lu <Zhaosong.Lu at nokia.com> has asked Sachin Padma
<Sachin.Padma at nokia.com> for review:
Bug 10355: [S60] relaunching homepage establishes a network connection

Attachment 10459: new patch having removed tabs

------- Additional Comments from Zhaosong Lu <Zhaosong.Lu at nokia.com>
1. I have removed all the tabs. The original files, UrlRequestInfo.h and
HttpCacheSupply.cpp, have a lots of tabs in them. I have removed those tabs in
order to create the patch. The result is that there seems more lines of code
change which are not actual changes.

2. More note on how the solution works: 

A. I added a flag for loading Favicon into the UrlRequestInfo so that we know
if the loading is a favicon. The flag is set in the

B. In httploader, I added a LoadedFromCache flag indicating if the web page is
loaded from cache. This flag is set in CHttpCacheSupply::StartRequestL(). This
is only for top level loading.

C. In CHttpLoader::RequestL, the LoadedFromCache flag is set back to false
whenever the request is a top level page. That is when a new web page is being

D. Also in CHttpLoader::RequestL, first I determine if the loading is for
favicon. If yes, I then determine if LoadedFromCache is set. If the
LoadedFromCache is set, We set the cache mode for the favicon to cache only.
Otherwise, set the cache mode to normal meaning loading it from cache first and
then from the network if cache does not have it.

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