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Sun Nov 26 13:41:49 PST 2006

Zalan Bujtas <zbujtas at gmail.com> has denied Zalan Bujtas <zbujtas at gmail.com>'s
request for review:
Bug 11678: [S60] tabbing navigation skips over text content

Attachment 11608: tabbing navigation fix

------- Additional Comments from Zalan Bujtas <zbujtas at gmail.com>
in getNewTabbedCursorPosition, you use the same variable name (as the parameter
of this function) to call the subframe's getNewTabbedCursorPosition. is it
intentional? as with this setup your nodeIndex remains -1 even if it is set to
something else in the subframe call. 

int nodeIndex = -1;
bool foundInFrame = foundFrame->getNewTabbedCursorPosition(lr,tb,nodeIndex);

in tabbedNavigation, it looks to me that nodeIndex can be easily -1 and that
crashes on the following line
QRect foundRect = (*_focusableNodeList)[nodeIndex];

and please remove the FIXME comment

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