[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 10725] Image data in from RTFD clipboard data thrown away : [Attachment 11592] patch 8

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Tue Nov 21 04:28:03 PST 2006

Graham Dennis <Graham.Dennis at gmail.com> has asked  for review:
Bug 10725: Image data in from RTFD clipboard data thrown away

Attachment 11592: patch 8

------- Additional Comments from Graham Dennis <Graham.Dennis at gmail.com>
Patch 8.
Addresses Maciej's comments (via IRC) that we should avoid adding another
defer-load mechanism if possible. Now, instead of deferring the NSURLConnection
callbacks, the actual loading is deferred.

A reference to WebDataProtocol is still needed to work out when to bypass the
cache policy (as the archive is the only way to get the data for
WebDataProtocol URLs).

Also, this code removes the need for wkSetNSURLConnectionDefersCallbacks and
WKSetNSURLConnectionDefersCallbacks which I think are both referred to in
libWebKitSystemInterface.a, however I haven't removed the definitions of these
functions just in case...

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