[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 9133] Split cssstyleselector.* into separate files (one class per file). : [Attachment 8567] patch

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Fri May 26 17:40:18 PDT 2006

Sam Weinig <sam.weinig at gmail.com> has asked  for review:
Bug 9133: Split cssstyleselector.* into separate files (one class per file).

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------- Additional Comments from Sam Weinig <sam.weinig at gmail.com>
Like the other split patches, this requires the lander to do some work to split
the files on their end (ussually just running a script).  It is a little more
complicated than some of the others as StyleSelector.h, CSSRuleData.h and
CSSRuleDataList.h all do not have implementation (.cpp) files and thus only
require cssstyleselector.h to be copied.  In addition, CSSRuleSet.h and
CSSRuleSet.cpp come from within cssstyleselector.cpp and require to copies of
it.  Lastly, I could not find a way to convert cssstyleselector.h and
cssstyleselector.cpp into CSSStyleSelector.h and CSSStyleSelector.cpp due to
svn not understanding the case change.

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