[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 4127] WebCore doesn't support Media Queries (CSS3 module) : [Attachment 8508] Revised CSS Media Queries patch including testcases

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Wed May 24 00:42:42 PDT 2006

Kimmo Kinnunen <kimmo.t.kinnunen at nokia.com> has asked  for review:
Bug 4127: WebCore doesn't support Media Queries (CSS3 module)

Attachment 8508: Revised CSS Media Queries patch including testcases

------- Additional Comments from Kimmo Kinnunen <kimmo.t.kinnunen at nokia.com>
The patch is revised taking into account Darin's comments
 - removed tabs and corrected whitespaces in ptrs and refs
 - use float-sink in CSSParser
 - reduced FIXMEs, removed XXXs
 - no multiple objects in single statement
 - removed redundant parentheses
 - one class per file, removed MediaQueryExpList class
 - using atomicstring+hashset function table instead of gperf
 - attached test cases to the patch (was in separate file previously)
 - added changelogs
 - removed usage of Deprecated* with the exception of DeprecatedStringList

Other things modified
 - more clear distinction between media descriptors and media types
 - small changes to SVG part
 - renamed testcases
 - make setting of media.mediaTest throw if syntax error
 - added few test cases

Like previously, it'd be great if somebody else than me could also try out the

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