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Thu Mar 30 08:17:57 PST 2006

Justin Garcia <justin.garcia at apple.com> has asked  for review:
Bug 6608: REGRESSION: Line disappears when deleting

Attachment 7391: patch

------- Additional Comments from Justin Garcia <justin.garcia at apple.com>
Rewrote moveNodesAfterNode to address several problems:
It moves nodes w/o worrying about how their style might change during the move.

It traverses _siblings_ looking for a br to know that it's at the end of the
paragraph to merge.  If the br is burried inside a span, it won't find it.  If
the text is whitespace:pre, it won't find stop at the end of the paragraph.
It reinserts the nodes at strange places, which was causing the bug.

This patch passes all pixel tests.  Render tree diffs are 1) fixes 2)
placeholder brs were there were none.  This patch inserts them more
aggressively to make sure that inline content after the merged paragraph
doesn't collapse onto the line where the paragraph was moved to.  I'm writing
lots of layout tests to illustrate problems with the old function and thinking
hard about how to break the new code.

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