[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 7831] .apply/call does not set this for eval : [Attachment 7146] Modified Patch

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Sat Mar 18 01:25:18 PST 2006

Francisco Tolmasky <tolmasky at gmail.com> has asked  for review:
Bug 7831: .apply/call does not set this for eval

Attachment 7146: Modified Patch

------- Additional Comments from Francisco Tolmasky <tolmasky at gmail.com>
I ended up having to make a significantly different patch for this.  The old
one, while working, caused a regression in Expressions/1.11.1.js or so.  The
problem is that callAsFunction always gets sent a thisObj, so its not enough to
check whether thisObj isn't null or undefined to see whether we are actually
being called from an apply or call.  So the solution I came up with was to
trick it by creating an inbetween ExecState that contains the correct thisObj. 
I wanted to float this by you guys as whether it was an acceptible solution or
not before writing a changelog/tests for it, since it does seem a bit hackish. 
Also, this new patch fixes js1_6/Array/regress-304828.js .

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