[webkit-reviews] review denied: [Bug 9649] The no-svg build broke after r15091 : [Attachment 9088] Patch v1

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Thu Jun 29 08:07:42 PDT 2006

Darin Adler <darin at apple.com> has denied Darin Adler <darin at apple.com>'s
request for review:
Bug 9649: The no-svg build broke after r15091

Attachment 9088: Patch v1

------- Additional Comments from Darin Adler <darin at apple.com>
Objective-C headers don't need multiple-includes defines. That's because
Objective-C uses import, which takes care of such things automatically.

Any headers that support being included from C or C++ code need such defines,
but pure Objective-C or Objective-C++ ones should *not* have them.

review- because of this. Would have been review+ otherwise.

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