[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 9523] More Win32 build bustage : [Attachment 8938] patch

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Wed Jun 21 00:14:01 PDT 2006

Ben Goodger <bengoodger at gmail.com> has asked  for review:
Bug 9523: More Win32 build bustage

Attachment 8938: patch

------- Additional Comments from Ben Goodger <bengoodger at gmail.com>
Adds/removes files from WebCore.vcproj and adjusts shouldInterruptJavaScript
signature (alternatively, the impl should not be const, let me know)

ChangeLog entry:

* WebCore.vcproj/WebCore/WebCore.vcproj: 
Add DeprecatedRenderSelect.cpp/h
Remove RenderSelect.cpp/h
Add BeforeUnloadEvent, Clipboard, ClipboardEvent, Event, KeyboardEvent,
MouseEvent, MouseRelatedEvent, MutationEvent, RegisteredEventListener, UIEvent,
UIEventWithKeyState, WheelEvent .h/.cpp
Remove dom2_eventsimpl.h/cpp

* WebCore/bridge/win/FrameWin.cpp
This method is supposed to be implemented on FrameWin

* WebCore/page/Frame.h
abstract method should match const-ness of implementation

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