[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 9794] Teach run-webkit-tests how to ignore tests with performance improvements : [Attachment 9280] Patch v1

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Sat Jul 8 20:27:30 PDT 2006

David Kilzer (ddkilzer) <ddkilzer at kilzer.net> has asked  for review:
Bug 9794: Teach run-webkit-tests how to ignore tests with performance

Attachment 9280: Patch v1

------- Additional Comments from David Kilzer (ddkilzer) <ddkilzer at kilzer.net>
Changes in Patch v1:

- Added --ignore-tests command-line switch.  Takes a comma-separated list of
tests and test directories to ignore (exclude) when running run-webkit-tests. 
Added processIgnoreTests() subroutine to process the arguments.
- Added --help command-line switch with usage statement.
- Moved call to setConfiguration() before GetOptions() so that
--debug/--release arguments are removed from @ARGV before calling
GetOptions().  Keep result from call for use with build-dumprendertree later.
- Check result of GetOptions() and exit run-webkit-tests if invalid arguments
are used.
- Made --singly imply --verbose so all of the "$verbose || $singly" checks
could be reduced to "$verbose".
- Switched from using the find(1) command via subshell to using the File::Find
Perl module.  Directory filtering and file filtering are now expressed as
anonymous subroutines rather than obscure find(1) command-line arguments.  It's
faster, too!
- Miscellaneous minor clean up.

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