[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 6933] Selection extends beyond focus ring for some contentEditable divs : [Attachment 6672] patch 3

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Wed Feb 22 15:33:23 PST 2006

Graham Dennis <Graham.Dennis at gmail.com> has asked Justin Garcia
<justin.garcia at apple.com> for review:
Bug 6933: Selection extends beyond focus ring for some contentEditable divs

Attachment 6672: patch 3

------- Additional Comments from Graham Dennis <Graham.Dennis at gmail.com>
Justin: I've done more to this patch than just add a space. The previous patch
was causing the following test cases to behave strangely:
They are all editable divs with tables inside. The problem was that the
editable div was being set as the selection root for the tables, whereas the
tables would previously have been set as the selection root.
In this patch, the editable div is only set to be the selection root for cases
where the root or body elements would have been the selection root. With this
patch, the previously mentioned layout tests are unchanged, but the following
are changed (as expected):

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