[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 5971] svg content doesn't work in <image> <img> or <feImage> tags : [Attachment 12077] A slightly prettier version

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Wed Dec 27 23:26:44 PST 2006

Eric Seidel <macdome at opendarwin.org> has asked	for review:
Bug 5971: svg content doesn't work in <image> <img> or <feImage> tags

Attachment 12077: A slightly prettier version

------- Additional Comments from Eric Seidel <macdome at opendarwin.org>
So this is yes, still very much a hack.  But it does work, and looks a lot
nicer with the stubs moved out into a separate file.  I'm going to mark this
for review and hopefully receive some insightful suggestions as to a better way
to do this. :)

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